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Casa Hernanz offers a wide product catalog. Besides espadrilles, of which there is a small selection available to purchase online, you can also find the following products (among others) in our store: synthetic and natural rope (including leather), traditional basketry, ornamental esparto animal heads, nets for decorative, sports and construction uses, jute and pita sacks, and rustic fabric in natural materials.

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When you visit Madrid…

Since 1845 the doors of Casa Hernanz are open to those who seek for almost everything.

This falls short, however, of what Casa Hernanz offers its visitors. Whoever visits us takes home something more valuable: the long family tradition behind the counter along with the satisfaction of finding what is authentic and genuine. All wrapped up with a jute and esparto fragrance in a “hand-made” atmosphere.

All of this being a lot, is still not everything. In this small shop you can feel the true and real heartbeat of Madrid. A landmark of the city, a gift for everyone.

Our history

From Madrid to the whole world…

In the middle of the 19th century, artisan Toribio Hernanz opened an espadrilles and tools shop for the peasants from the suburbs. The shop was located nearby the Plaza Mayor, location that is still maintained today.

From a rural and agricultural Madrid to the turbulent times of the civil war, the business was continued by his successor, José. Survival meant hiding the goods from the military on both sides who grabbed them without paying.

In the years of industrial development, the working class took over the city of Madrid which was under construction. The rope manufacturing sector stood out with clients such as the Bank of Spain or the National Post Office, who used the ropes to stack up their parcels.

In the 70s, fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent rescues the glamour of the espadrille. For the first time, this kind of footwear enters the closets of the chic and sophisticated. Jesús, José´s great-nephew and current owner of the family business, receives clients from behind the counter along with his son and daughter which are the family´s 6th generation to work in the shop.