A significant part of our products are made of natural leather, which can mean that the surface is not completely smooth and uniform, and small imperfections that are typical of leathers that are treated and manipulated in a natural and traditional way, may be visible.


In addition, since the leather we use is dyed using traditional methods, any irregularity or difference in appearance is considered an intrinsic characteristic of the product.


To preserve the original quality of the product, avoid exposing it to extreme heat and humidity. Rain, rubbing and direct sunlight can cause discoloration or staining. Avoid contact with corrosive substances such as oils and alcohol.


The sole of our espadrilles are made from natural jute. As jute is a 100% natural and vegetable fiber, contact with water is not recommended (except if you are in the process of washing them). Contact with water does not damage them by itself, what damages the product is if it gets wet and you keep walking and using it. Therefore, on days with a forecast of rain, we recommend that they are not worn in order to avoid their deterioration.


In case espadrilles get wet or damp, we recommend removing them as soon as possible so that they can dry completely before being used again. This way we try not to deteriorate the sole completely and can continue to enjoy them.


If you want to wash them, nothing happens if the jute gets wet, since once you finish washing them, they will not be used as they must be completely dry before using them again to avoid deterioration of the vegetable fiber (jute). Keep in mind that, even on hot summer days, it can take up to 4 days for the sole to be completely dry.


Drying must be done in a ventilated space, but without direct sunlight, since direct exposure to the sun deteriorates the fabric and causes stains and discolorations.